19 July 2016

first in 2016

Nearly forgot that i still own this place and had never deleted anything from here. lol. tweeting seems easier but there is limited words i can fit into every tweet. just had a review back into my life since 2008 till last year. its already 10 years back when i just started high school in CHKL. then 6 years back since i moved to NZ. everything just 'phew' in a moment. now i am here, reminiscing the significance events that happened in these few years. 

2015 was definitely the year of 'change' for me. i switched my final uni year from Massey to AUT, knowing different people which you know they would be really successful in life, learned that nth is really impossible if you're willing to pay effort to achieve your goal, went to my first ever meditation camp(which i would write a post about it soon), read fuck loads of books while busy doing assignments and internship, and accepting Albert to be my bf after knowing each other for 2 years. of course, other than achievements, my biggest regret was not taking time out from my permanent part time jobs to go travel when i was still in uni. i always think i couldn't afford to go travel with the amount of money i earn, until i started working and realised taking leaves off from work is hard. your boss don't pay you and expect you taking leaves once in a month or so. and money is really not a big deal if you want a budget travel. 

other than work i want to create more memories and have more fun in between. idw to feel bad / regret for what i could've done but haven't done anymore. tadaa, will update more in next post. 

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